Chuck Horton is a Professional Boxing Trainer, Striking Coach and Self Defense Instructor working out of Duluth, Minnesota.

Chuck has been in the boxing industry all his life. Growing up in a household where there was a strong emphasis on learning how to defend yourself, Chuck quickly gained a passion for boxing. His father opened the West Duluth Boxing Club – Chuck would train there for hours every day. Teaching kids younger than himself how to defend themselves.

After high school, Chuck decided to go into the army. The army took him all over the world – from Columbus, Georgia, all the way to Iraq and Korea.

Serving as a Recon Scout from 1985-1993, Chuck acted as the eyes and ears on the battlefield. Chuck Horton was a member of the Blues Platoon in Korea, patrolling the Demilitarized Zone between North and South Korea.

From there, Chuck traveled to Germany as part of the 1-41 Infantry Scout Platoon before being deployed to Iraq in the first Gulf War.DSC_0149

While serving in Iraq, Chuck was involved in the infamous 1991 friendly-fire incident involving an Apache helicopter. Fortunately, Chuck was not injured in the attack.

Chuck Horton also spent some time at Fort Bliss, Texas, training border patrol a variety of combat techniques. These techniques were centered around the illegal drugs being transported across the border from Mexico.

Despite all his time in the army, Chuck feels that boxing is the best way to get into shape. Boxing was around long before Crossfit, plyometrics, P90X and all these other methods of getting into shape.

“It’s functional fitness,” Horton said of boxing. “It gives you that ability to never quit, knowing that you can always push forward. You are constantly pushed to your limit.”

But Chuck understands that boxing is not for everyone. That is why he is going back to school – because he wants to have an impact on kids that will never step into the boxing ring.

“I understand that the gym is not for everyone,” Horton said. “But there are plenty of kids out there that still need help.”

Chuck Horton is currently working towards a degree in Chemical Dependency Counseling. He has interest in a variety of non-profit organizations and hopes to one day open a home for the homeless and disenfranchised.

“I see drugs afflicting my town. I see drugs afflicting my whole country,” Horton said. “I want to get into counseling and assist more kids than I can reach just through boxing. I know that the kids are our future. I see a lot of people helping them but I also see a lot of people hindering them.”

“I know how to reach these kids – I know how to reach kids that have lost trust in adults,” Horton said. “They know that when they talk to me, I have their back.”

Chuck believes that everyone should learn how to defend him/herself. Through this blog, Chuck hopes to share a bunch of tips that will make you less susceptible to getting bullied or pushed around.

“Having the ability to defend yourself isn’t just about getting your body in shape,” Horton said. “It’s everything. The mentality is the key – it gives you so much confidence. You’ll see if affecting your life in a bunch of ways.”