Pugilist’s Training Tips: Basics

This is a guest post from Oleg Fadeev (pictured below) who comes to us all the way from Nizhni Novgorod, Russia.

As we all know, the conditions of the street fight differ from the boxing bout ones, so today let’s talk about some common training peculiarities which helps us becoming not only a good boxer but a skillful pugilist as well.

image1First of all it is the most basic difference between boxing and pugilism – in the street there will be no tapes and gloves. That is why we should thoroughly condition our knuckles and wrists in order not to have an injury when defending ourselves. So, here are simple rules of the hand and wrist conditioning

Gloves are for the sparring only

It means that we should avoid using gloves working on the bags and pads. We can use tapes at the beginning, but we should aim at full power punching the heavy bag bare knuckled. The bag shouldn’t be very hard and it shouldn’t be very soft either. The thing is that we should feel how our knuckles dig into the target a little. Do not haste, begin with 20% of your strength and in course of time your fists will be as hard as a rock

Remember the goal and work out wisely

We can condition our fists and wrists during our workout routines as well. If you are doing push-ups, do them on your knuckles, not open handed. Also include different kinds of the wrist push-ups in your routines. The surface shouldn’t be too hard or too soft either. A wooden floor is the best variant, but a laminated one is also quite ok. DO NOT KNOCK WALLS OR OTHER HARD SURFACES WITH YOUR KNUCKLES!!! This way of hand conditioning is complicated and it demands a qualified instruction and supervision.

The second thing about gloves is that they are bigger in size than bare fists. It is significantly easier to defend against the punch wearing gloves, so if we are training for the street we should add some additional gear in our sparring sessions. I’d suggest using MMA gloves and helmets with a face shield from time to time.

Now let’s look on the environmental aspect of the fight. It happens so that we have to fight on different surfaces and in different circumstances, so we should get acquainted to possible battlefields. I’d suggest adding open air sparring sessions in our curriculum. It can be street, backyard, countryside etc. We should wear everyday garments and shoes, we should train in any season so we can use all pros and cons of different gear and weather conditions.

This was the basics of the pugilist’s training. Later on we’ll talk about other interesting things concerning boxing self-defense.

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Radio Host is Former Marine with a Soft Touch

Typically when someone describes a fighter they don’t usually say things like, “He’s got a really big heart.”  But Chuck Horton and Brad Bennett, two former boxers and combat veterans, say just that about each other.  

They met years ago and had an instant connection through their service history; Bennett was a Marine in Vietnam and Horton served in the Army in Desert Storm.  Horton grew up in a boxing family in Duluth, Minnesota, and Bennett boxed a little as a Marine.  This brought the two men closer.

After leaving the military, Bennett watched boxing from afar.  He knew how hard people had to work to be good at the sport.  He says he has a great deal of respect for the athletes and was always impressed with those like Zach Walters who could make something of it.  

When Horton was getting started and looking for an announcer for his matches, he asked Bennett if he would be interested.  Not only did he jump at the chance, his wife got involved as well.  She sold the tickets for the Duluth boxing club’s 50/50 raffles and he encouraged the crowd to purchase tickets between matches.

Typically when someone describes a fighter they don’t usually say things like, “He’s got a really big heart.”  But Chuck Horton and Brad Bennett, two former boxers and combat veterans, say just that about each other.

Typically when someone describes a fighter they don’t usually say things like, “He’s got a really big heart.” But Chuck Horton and Brad Bennett, two former boxers and combat veterans, say just that about each other.

These days Bennett spends his time behind the mic on his radio show, Sound Off, on WDSM 710 AM in Duluth.  He says he likes to throw out some issues at the beginning of his show and kind of let the listeners determine where the show goes.  And although regional and national events get some air time, most of his show is based on what’s happening locally in business and politics.

This time of the year for Bennett there’s plenty going on locally.  He’s currently in the midst of planning a Christmas Eve dinner for anyone who needs a hot meal that afternoon.  It’s a tradition that started almost thirty years ago with one turkey and the usual fixings.  Now they’re averaging between 400-450 diners.  

And the best part is that all of the food is donated, and the cooks and helpers volunteer their time. 

They turn-over the tables at the VFW in Duluth’s west end about three times that afternoon to accommodate all the people.  But the help don’t mind.  They are happily there in their Christmas aprons and Santa hats, ready to enjoy a visit from Santa himself.   

Bennett says, “At the end of the day you’re worn out, and now you have to go home and do your own stuff.  But it just makes you feel good.”  And he says he runs it the same way Horton ran his gym, no one is turned away.  It’s just what’s best for the community.  

Two tough guys with big hearts, indeed.

Author: Roxanne Wilmes

Be sure to visit the other sites of Duluth boxing promoter and trainer, Chuck Horton, for more interesting stories.

Jungle Boy Boxing – Night at the Garden


November 14 marked the end of the boxing season at Jungle Boy Boxing with 6 intriguing fights.

The night of November 14, featuring 6 intriguing fights, marked the end of the boxing season for Jungle Boy Boxing.

Tonight marks the end of the season for Jungle Boy boxing, and it ended with some fantastic amateur boxing. Six amateur fights were scheduled, and the first to kick off the action was Shaquille Hall vs. Jackson Knapp, the win going to Shaquille Hall by unanimous decision; the fight was very evenly matched, but Shaquille held on for the win.  Next up was Jungle Boy boxer Evan Wrazidlo fighting Jackson Berscheid, the winner being Jackson Berscheid with a flurry of blows in the third round pushing him over the top. The next up was another Jungle Boy boxer, Jesse Walters going against Alex Cantu; this fight belonged to Jesse Walters with his excellent control of the fight, and fighting instinct.  

The fourth fight in the amateur division featured two strong female boxers, Jessica Maltez vs. Kim Putzier. The night belonged to Jessica Maltez, with great jab work, and not giving an inch to her opponent. The fifth fight of the night was between Avery Miller and Victor Hernandez, with Victor Hernandez taking the fight. The sixth and last amateur fight of the night was between Christian Sanchez and Joe James, the winner here was Joe James, with James taking a savage low blow in the second round, James shook that off to finish the fight very strongly.

The co-main event was between Herald Calderon and Damien “Wolverine” Hill. This fight was Herald Calderon’s from start to finish; his unrelenting attack kept Hill off balance the entire fight, and Hill unable to mount any type of counter offensive.   

Jonathan “Jonny Blaze” Perez vs. Antwan “Lil Superman” Robertson

Jonathan “Jonny Blaze” Perez vs. Antwan “Lil Superman” Robertson

Now the main event of the evening, featuring a bout for the Minnesota bantamweight championship between, Jonathan “Jonny Blaze” Perez vs. Antwan “Lil Superman” Robertson. The fight was very one sided, Jonny blaze came out with cool determination, and had Lil superman on the run the entire fight. Every round went to Jonny blaze, but in the minute between the third and forth round; the doctor was called to Robertson’s corner, it had seemed that Robertson had broke his hand in a errant jab that struck Jonny blaze’s elbow, causing him to fracture hit right hand (commonly known as a boxer’s break.) This was the end of the fight, as Robertson could not continue, making Jonathan Perez the new Minnesota bantamweight champion. 

After the fight, Chuck Horton went to check up on the fighter, and his hand had swollen to twice its normal size. In a post fight interview Chuck Horton stated this “If Antwan had been having hand problems in the past, and has now a broken hand, it should be that “Lil Superman” should not get into the ring before it is 100% healed, it is not fair to him, his opponent, or even his hand. ” Chuck Horton also went on to say, “Look, we all try to be healthy, but if it should heal…he could try again.”

 Author: Matthew Thiry