First Step: Realize We Live In A Violent World

I often shake my head in amazement when I read or hear of some random act of violence. Those that report on these acts always seemed shocked. Anyone that pays attention to history knows that from the beginning of time, violence has been a part of our existence. If our ancestors did not stand up to those that perpetuated violence against them, you or I would not be here. It bothers me when I hear people say things such as, “The times have gotten so bad, people have no respect anymore,” or “We are living in such violent times.” And my favorite, “We sure have a bully problem these days.” This isn’t a fad; we are genetically wired for violence from the very beginning of mankind. If some tragedy wiped out everyone but two people, they would fight till the last survivor. So the very first step for anyone wishing to be prepared is to open ones eyes, and accept that human’s will always be violent. 

Even if you'll never step into a boxing ring, it's important to know how to defend yourself.

Even if you’ll never step into a boxing ring, it’s important to know how to defend yourself.

If you want to prevent yourself or your loved ones from being victimized, you should learn realistic self-defense. I grew up fighting in blue-collar neighborhood in the northern Minnesota shipping town of Duluth, MN. Back when I was young man, bar fighting was a sport. I served in the Army, and spent time in combat. I have spent many years in Professional Boxing. I learned long ago that people that can handle themselves are not victimized. You don’t have to be the toughest person – you just don’t want to be an easy target. If you follow my instructions and put in the work you will no longer be a soft target, you will be a hard target. People who wish to harm someone will recognize that. I have seen the transformation from soft target to hard target too many times to count. I have trained people for years on how to fight. I have a proven track record with the success of my Boxers. 

My hope is by starting this blog that I may help anyone out there who is being threatened or bullied to feel safer in this violent world. I especially want to help young boys and girls out there that are being bullied. For years I have taught kids on how to box (as my Father did before me).

I have come to realize that some parents do not want to bring their kids to a boxing gym, and some kids do not want box. I understand their concern – that is why I started this blog. I want to reach those people who need help. This will not be a blog about some make believe and ancient martial art secret. This will be a blog about simple yet practical skills that almost anyone can use. It will be a free of charge resource for you to learn from.  I have been blessed with many people in my life who have helped me along my journey. This is my way of paying back. I encourage those that read this blog to show it to any of your friends that might benefit from it. Bookmark this blog on your computer and visit it often; it will be updated frequently with new material that anyone may use to not only defend themselves but also get in great shape. Simple yet very efficient workouts will be posted; these workouts are what I use to get my professional fighters in top condition. Good luck on your journey.