George Booth’s Testimonial

Hi, my name is George Booth. I have had the privilege and opportunity to be trained by Horton’s Gym owner Chuck Horton – I would like to share my experience of intense training. I learned a lot about discipline, dieting, and believing in myself. 

I can recall walking into the training class with anywhere from 6-12 people – all who were well ahead of me when it comes to fitness. I weighed in at 243 pounds (you could say my body mass was well over weight for a 5’10”). First thing that is very important with Chuck’s program is setting goals, understand why you’re in his class, and understand the commitment you have to make when you’re training. 

With that said I had no idea what I was getting into. I have joined other training classes that set up skills for football, baseball, and weight training. I was expecting a light fitness class. Well I was wrong! In the 6 months I was training I learned endurance. I was punching the bag for 3 minutes straight, breaking from standing in one place, moving my feet and lifting my arms. After 15-20 minutes my arms and legs were glue. I remember performing “Farmer Johnsons” for a minute back and forth – it felt like hours! 

Chuck had our class run a lot. I can recall the hills of Duluth MN. And these were not normal hills! They were steep inclines. I’d do pull-ups until I was exhausted, and then he’d start punching my belly. “Learn to breathe out” Chuck would say, “or you will have no wind left.” Chuck stressed that timing is very important when it comes to pushing your body to the limit. 

Imagine going 1 hour to 1.5 a day Monday through Friday with no breaks. Always pushing you to the edge where you had nothing left. That was my experience. I also was taught how to defend myself on the boxing moves Chuck showed me. Although I have not ever had to use these skills it’s always good to remember what Chuck had taught me. 

End result: in 6 months I lost 33 pounds, moving from fat to muscle. Thank you Chuck for pushing me and making me believe in my own ability. I recommend Chuck to any human that can handle his training. But never quit!!