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Mission statement from Coach Walters of the Jungle Boy Boxing Gym:

“I take my role as a coach very seriously. I’ll teach them the right way to box the first time. There are many boxers out there that were overlooked by coaches early in their boxing development. These boxers learn bad habits that are a pain to break. At Jungle Boy Boxing Gym we work extra hard to get them on the right track with proper fundamental so they can focus on excelling in the sport down the road instead of correcting bad habits. Yes, I’ll teach my boxers the fundamentals and strategies of boxing, but more importantly it’s my goal to role model what it takes to be successful at life. This means teaching how to deal with setbacks in a positive way and setting goals to aspire to. Life can be tough on kids, but with focus and drive they can see through the hard times to a better future. The success my boxers have in the ring is undetermined. It’s up to them how far they want to go. My goal is that they also learn to become better at life through their participation at my gym. Not just become skilled boxers.”

Jungle Boy Boxing

General Information: Gym Info: Boxing gym hours: 3:30-5:30 Monday – Thursday

Gym address: 914 W 3rd St. Duluth, MN 55806

Contact Information: Email: Phone: 218-940-8927 Facebook: Jungle Boy Boxing Gym

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Walters’ Coaching Credentials:

Zach Walters spent 14 years as a boxer. Six years as an amateur boxer followed by a successful 8 year professional career. As an amateur boxer he boxed his way to the National Silver Gloves Tournament and fought to the quarter finals which landed him 3rd in the nation. As a senior boxer he fought in USA Boxing National Tournament twice in Colorado Springs, CO at the Olympic Training Center. In between those two trips he won the Upper Midwest Golden Gloves Championship and boxed at the Golden Gloves National Tournament. The following year Walters boxed through the USA State and 4-State tournaments and was on his way to the Nationals for a 5th time when he made the decision to turn professional. As a pro boxer, Walters started out 5-0 (4 KO) before dropping a hard fought decision in Tacoma, WA. His first loss was followed by a five fight knockout streak winning the Minnesota State Professional Boxing Title along the way. He faced off with Marty Lindquist and won by 2nd round knockout for the title. Zach also won the NABA-US Title, a national title, by second round knockout. A peak moment for him was fighting for the WBC-African Boxing Union Title. He boxed former world champion Carl Daniels and stopped him in the 8th round to win by TKO. Winning this title earned Walters a #12 in the world ranking by the WBC. Walters finished his career with a record of 24-5 (19 KO). You could say Zach Walters earned a degree in coaching from “The School of Hard Knocks”.

Golden Gloves:

The Golden Gloves program at the gym has gained a lot of popularity over the last few years through the monthly boxing shows at Grandma’s Sports Garden; “Golden Gloves at the Garden”. This program is for young men ages 17 and up. These boxers are trained to box and take their skills to the ring. Most of these boxers find themselves competing within the first three months. This all depends on their ability to pick up the skills needed to compete. Once these boxers have 5 fights in their book they become an “open fighter” and are eligible for the Senior USA Boxing Tournament and the Golden Gloves tournament. These tournaments take place in the early part of the year and wrap up around mid June. Both of these end at the National level and allow a boxer to become nationally ranked by the USA Olympic Boxing Committee. There are other boxing tournaments available and we plan on participating in them as the gym develops. Training for Golden Glove boxers is held 4 days a week: Monday through Thursday from 3:30 – 5:50.

Silver Gloves:

The Silver Gloves program is a newer entity to the gym. This program is for younger boxers age 9 – 16 years old. The only thing different from Golden Glove boxers is age. Some of these young boxers find that they have natural abilities well beyond their years. Once these boxers are “open fighters” (have fights in their books) they are eligible for the USA Silver Gloves tournament and the Junior Olympics tournament. These tournaments go all the way to the national level and offer great opportunities to travel about. The tournaments are one of the exciting parts of competition boxing. Boxing for Silver Gloves is held two days a week. Monday and Wednesday from 4:40 – 5:45 Sponsors and donations: There are two major ways to show support. Sponsorship of the fights and donations to the gym.